How to speak English

Do you have any idea that how to speak English?

I always think about it and try to do many kind of practicing, sometimes I read some articles loudly, speak with TV news like BBC and CNN alone, go to a local English conversation club, speak with my foreign friends, chat with them, and just study in my home.

Usually it’s boring and lonely and I don’t feel studying in my home and recently I found a article on internet, actually my friends from Spain taught me about it.

How to speak English/English as 2nd Language

According to this article, there are ten steps to practice to speak English, so now I’ll introduce just a Topic. If you want to know its details try to check this site.

Firstly, Time required: From six months to three years

Next How:

1.Discover which type of English learner you are
This means if you want to be like a native speaker, it’ll take many years to be.

2.Understand your goals
It’s also important because it means when and where you use English, is it for your job or just to use when going overseas for sightseeing? And How much times will you practice English?

3.Find out yous level
It’s just checking your English levels so you should go to this site and try to solve some questions.

4.Decide on your strategy
This means whether you have some friends who speak English together or you will study alone and so on, and if you have enough money to take a English class somewhere it might be better for you if you want.

5.Put together a plan for learning grammar

6.Put together a plan for learning speaking skills

7.Put together a plan for learning vocabulary

8.Put together a plan for learning reading/writing

9.Put together a plan for learning pronunciation
Above these five questions, these are introductions that how to study English. You don’t need much time to study everyday, you only need just 30 minutes a day it suggests.

10.Create opportunities to speak English
The best way to be able to speak English is of course you use English as often as possible so you should seek the opportunities to use it, and it says that only 30 minutes speaking a day is helping your improvement of your English skill.

Anyway the most important thing I want to tell you is to use English everyday and do it as washing your teeth. For me I try to use it and I’m struggling with it so let’s try together!



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